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Budget Harp Rentals is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and serves the nation. Rental harps are available to individuals, groups or performers, and are excellent for model home decor, movie & film projects, schools, beginning harpists, and more!

Pedal Harp

Troubador Harp

Display Harps

Pedal Harps
- The Pedal or Concert Harp usually has between 41 and 47 strings, and has 7 pedals at the base of the instrument. The pedals change the note of each string so you can play in any key, and change the key of the instrument while you are playing. Rental rates for pedal harps start at $100 per month.

Troubador Harps - Great for children or beginning harpists!
The Lap Harp, Celtic Harp, Irish Harp, Folk Harp and Troubador are all non-pedal harps. They have between 20 and 40 string - usually 34. They are tuned into a basic key, either C or E flat. These harps have a small lever or cam to change the key of the instrument. You can modify some of these levers while you are playing to play accidentals. These harps can be used by beginners before playing a Concert Harp, but they are an instrument in their own right and are used by professionals all over the world. Rentals start at $45 per month.

Display Harps - These gold harps from the 1800's have unique carvings, style and workmanship. The beautiful harp can be used for display purposes in model homes, schools, offices, stores, weddings, and for any special occasion. These harps will add a depth of class to any event or showing. Budget Harp Rentals offers a large variety of display harps to choose from. Rentals are $75 per month.

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